Baxi Boilers History


Baxi is a name that started in Bamber Bridge, 3 miles south of Preston, Lancashire, in 1866 when Richard Baxendale, an iron founder, began the Baxendale Company. In 1933 the company launched a controllable underfloor draught system for solid fuel heating under  the Baxi name. Becoming … [Read more...]

What is a LED colour changing shower head?

LED shower head

An LED lights shower head is a shower head type that lights up in different colours when in use. The shower head looks like a usual one but once you turn the water on changes colour according to the temperature. Powered by an impeller, the shower does not require any additional power source apart … [Read more...]

How to save water in the bathroom


Saving water will not only reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment but will also help you save money. As the most amount of water used within the home is in the bathroom here are a few steps you can take to save water in this area.  Have a shower instead of a bath Having a … [Read more...]