Types of Radiator Valves


Central heating radiators need valves in order to be fitted in the heating system. Each radiator needs a pair of valves, one for the temperature control and another (called a lockshield valve) to help balance  the system. There are different types of radiator valves, therefore is important to … [Read more...]

Centerstore Hot Water Cylinders

hot water cylinders

Hot water cylinders are used for storing hot water for domestic use. The water is heated using a coil heated by another source, such as a gas boiler, or using an electric immersion heater within the cylinder. Hot water cylinders are well insulated and can retain heat for several days. There … [Read more...]

Kudox Radiators and Towel Rails

Kudox tyra radiators

One of the largest suppliers of towel rails in the UK and always at the top of the heating industry, Kudox provide a wide range of heating appliances with innovative design and of high quality. Kudox Premium Ladder Towel Rails Made from superior quality mild steel with 62.5 micron chrome on copper … [Read more...]

Benefits of Combi Condensing Boilers

ideal mini combi boiler

Combination boilers Combination boilers or combi boilers are heating appliances which provide heating and hot water directly from the boiler. These space savings units do not need a hot water cylinder like system boilers and will provide you hot water through the taps or shower at mains pressure … [Read more...]